Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our summer break started with a visit from some of Rebekah's family for Memorial Day. Aunt Rootie, thanks for the new boa's and strawberry swimwear!

Pool party with all of the family means more treats than normal. Here Sydney and Abigail are chowing down on their own Blue Bell ice cream treats at the pool.

Sydney doesn't look very excited, but both of the girls love their [Great] Aunt Rootie! Victor and Steve, I've unintentionally omitted you from the pictures this time, but I knew you wouldn't really care.

A few weeks later, we continued our vacation season with a trip to Nixa, MO. Why Nixa, MO you ask? Because it is the hometown of Jason Bourne and the Dunagan/Shelton clan. Making flower necklaces on the Dunagan's "Property" - what a nice expanse of yard and open space!

Brady and Jenny chillin' in the p-o-o-l. Lots of spelling around our house these days - you can't say it or they think they are getting it!

2 sets of sisters.

Pool time, munchkin style.
After a couple of days in Nixa, we headed to Branson for a family reunion...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am happy to report that our energetic and happy daughters aced their first year of Preschool. I don't know if they were genuinely perfect kids while under their teachers' care or if it is because their teacher's are so sweet to the core, but we heard nothing but good reports everyday and we are so proud. I believe Sydney and Abigail have grown from wild toddlers into young, imaginative girls during these past 10 months. Their vocabulary and social interactions have expanded, they are both more independent and will let you know their thoughts, and they have become potty-trained (thanks to peer-pressure, I think), among other developments.You can see how they have physically "grown-up" from October to now from this previous post (November 5th post). The pictures below are of their last day of school, the popsicle party, which was 3 weeks ago.