Saturday, July 26, 2008

We were able to capture some 'personality pictures' a few weeks ago after dinner. Sydney was really working for the camera, and Abigail was giggling too hard to decide on which funny face to make. We were all having a fun and silly time.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Three years have now past (July 18) since we placed Sydney's and Abigail's tiny bodies in car seats and nervously drove them home from the Vanderbilt NICU. Even as the nurses cared for them and we looked past the nasal cannulas for breathing, feeding tubes, a PICC line to deliver medicine, and sensors to monitor their heartbeats and oxygen saturation, we could see from Day 1 that they were excellently made . However, we could not have imagined that those helpless, 4 pound babies would become the beautiful, vibrant, sweet, and happy 3 year olds they have become.

We celebrated Sydney's and Abigail's birthday at the end of June with a "Word World" themed birthday cake. This year's party was so very relaxed and enjoyable for us as hosts - I think because most of our immediate families now live in Nashville and we see them all the time anyway. Maybe next year we'll venture into the stage of inviting their friends and classmates for a party.

We're baaaack! And we have a few posts in mind to catch up on...namely, a BIG birthday and a view of Sydney's and Abigail's personalities through silly faces and the following:

Our Summer Vacation 2008 consisted of an 8 hour trek to Branson, MO! Can you believe it? We had good reason since Rebekah's paternal side of the family joined together for a rare Reunion. (And lodging was free at the Fairfield Wyndam Resort thanks to Rebekah's "Uncle Brad". Thanks, Unc!) This was the first time for Rebekah's cousins and aunts and uncles to meet Sydney and Abigail, so the trip was special for our family. Activities consisted of lounging by the numerous indoor and outdoor pools, basketball, shuffleboard, volleyball, and, of course, lots of eating. Rebekah's Uncle Doug and Grandma Dee are in the catering business, so we were never want for good eats. We were able to take an evening dinner cruise on the Branson Belle over the beautiful Table Rock Lake, and we enjoyed a variety show of Broadway tunes while we cruised. Here are some pictures from our adventure back in June:

all the cousins

the fam
10 grandkids, 2 great-grandkids and 2 spouses
Papa with the girls

Great-Grandma Dee with Sydney and Abigail