Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Finally!"...that's what you are thinking right? Well, sorry to keep you waiting so long, but I had to deliberate for a while (almost 2 months) about what to write - kidding, of course.
With a magnificent Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake, we celebrated a big milestone in Sydney and Abigail's lives at the end of June - of course, every birthday is a milestone until you are over 21, right? The girls are now 4 years old! As Quincy of the Little Einsteins would say, "I can not buhleave it!" Time does seem to go by in larger chunks now in their lives with us - in months and seasons versus days and weeks - all part of aging, I guess.
Sydney and Abigail are becoming more independent of us and of each other. Just this week they proclaimed (after being separated from each other at night for playing in their room instead of sleeping) that they would like to have their own rooms and their own space - I guess I figured that they would want to be together always. We are still deliberating on whether or not they will get their wish. And this summer they have learned how to swim! They really can jump off the side of the pool, and swim to us with their heads underwater (future scuba divers for sure).

Until next time....