Tuesday, November 29, 2005

First, sorry for the lapse in posts and pictures, but it's bath time--giving me time to post some pictures...time...that is an interesting concept around our house. Tonight is a night not unlike many others before. Daddy rolls in from work around 6, dinner around 6:30, bathtime around 7, feed the munchkins 8:30ish, and bedding the babies around 9. At this point Mama and Daddy will usually opt to lay down for a nap since the aforementioned sweeties will undoubtedly want to get up and play at 1:30am. Don't get me wrong, I love it all and am not is just that word...time...made me think about it all.

Starting at the bottom of the pictures: 1) Papaw & Nana Glisson holding Sydney and Abigail, respectively, at Thanksgiving in Chattanooga; 2) Lindsey with Sydney; 3) Amy with Abigail; 4) Sydney looking cute as a button; 5) Abigail looking cute as a button; 6) the girls enjoying time in their ever-so-stylish outfits from Germany--thank you Markus and Julia!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sydney and Abigail had a visitor this week! Brent, Amberly, and Brooklyn Allen came all the way from Austin, Texas so that the girls could hang out with Tynneson, their 3 month old daughter/sister. The Allens love Austin and seem to be doing great, but time sure does fly--they have been away from their Nashville family (at the OC) for more than 2 years! And Brooklyn sure is growing into a cute and active toddler. As you can see from the 2nd picture, Abigail was enjoying the company--or was that her laughing at the funny looking guy named Brent (sorry, buddy, you always were a fun one to joke with).

More news from the land of babies--and only 8 days late--last Friday, the 11th, the girls slept the longest at night that I can remember. I'm calling it the first time they have "slept through the night." The went down at 9pm and slept until 5am with a few times of reassurance at 3am and 4am. The reassurance comes when they fuss but are not really ready to be fed or get up, and Rebekah and I will provide a pacifier, clean diaper, or just soothing words to put them back into sleep mode.

Wow. We just finished the evening feeding and the girls are now sound asleep. Rebekah and I are not too terribly tired but will be hitting the hay shortly. Not tired, you say? Well, we had the fortune of a night of Gigi and Poppy. Rebekah and I stayed at their house and they at ours. Simple things like a nice dinner, 9 straight hours of sleep, hiking time at the park, and a matinee work wonders for the soul! Thanks again, Mom and Dad.

But for tonight, "Good luck and Good night."

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A picture post, pictures from the past week...a warm weekend in November with great fall colors & a night at Gigi and Poppy's with Great Aunt Susie, and Grandma & Grandpa

Thursday, November 03, 2005

These are the bright sunshiny faces I am greeted with almost every morning. Sydney and Abigail slept well last night, but are still waking once in the night/early morning. Both girls have learned the virtue of patience in the past few weeks and will actually allow me to make their bottles and change them while the bottles warm. I usually ask them which one is more hungry and typically am answered by both tongues moving in and out of their mouths stating "I'm more hungry than my sister!" Since I cannot feed them both at the same time, the calmer girl (always different) gets to sit in the bouncy seat while her sister eats. This has worked really well for a few weeks now, so gone are the days of waking one girl 30 minutes before she shows any signs of being hungry. This morning after both girls ate, they played under their activity gym with Mr. Star which allowed me to have breakfast. Aren't they considerate! They are both napping peacefully now which helps me feel like we have started today off on the right foot. The weather here in Nashville is beautiful, so I think we may go for a walk after lunch. We hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

By the way, because I know that you were wondering--on the cloud photos, Abigail is on the picture that is 4th from the top, Sydney on the picture that is 5th from the top.

Also, my new job with Alley & Associates is going well. The first week will, no doubt, be filled with reading employee manuals, signing forms, figuring out insurance, etc. They are not, however, afraid of throwing me some work--I'm close to completing my first project.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Could they possibly be any sweeter? We had a great day today with lots of naps and less play than usual. I caught them playing under their activity gym watching "Mr. Star" light up and play music after one of their naps. Sydney (in the polka dots) has a stuffy nose and I think Abigail is fighting whatever Sydney may have. Both girls are "talking" more and more and Brad and I are really enjoying the stories they tell us. Who knew that babbles could be so much fun! Right now I have the girls calmed down watching Baby Mozart. They are beginning to interact with these videos especially when they see a baby on the TV screen. Everyday is a new discovery at the Glisson household!