Friday, August 17, 2007

Check flickr for pictures of our trip to Maine! Post about the trip in the future.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our girls are getting so much bigger - you can tell from the pictures. Their faces look like bigger kids, they are taller (about 34 1/2 inches at their 2-year old appointment), and, yes, their hair is getting a little bit longer. Their hair is still shorter than most kids their age, but the those blond curls are too cute to us.

We traveled to northern Indiana during the first weekend of August for a celebration and a memorial for Rebekah's Grama Gin. The celebration was for one of Rebekah's aunt and uncles 50th wedding anniversary. We made the 7 1/2 hour trip in two sections on the way up, and in one day on the way back - the girls were troopers. We stayed in a hotel room on the way up, which was the girls first experience in a hotel room as a toddler and their first time in a hotel bed. We set them on the bed when we arrived, and they both started screaming! Sydney was so upset that she let herself off of the bed quickly with the belly slide - the bed was so tall that she fell down hard on the floor and was even more upset. So, we slipped the mattress on the floor for the girls, and everyone seemed much happier.

The above picture is our sweet Sydney sitting with her 2nd cousins (once removed? - Rebekah's cousin's kids, whatever that is), Charlotte (6) and Grace (7). I think we still owe these girls some babysitting money or an ice cream cone for the wonderful job they did in occupying the girls and playing with them. Rebekah's aunt and uncle's house has a beautiful backyard on a lake, and the girls ran all over the yard, around all of the trees, and jumped on all of the floats.

The girls enjoyed their first trip on a boat - they have a pontoon boat, ski boat, a fishing boat, and a canoe, so there was plenty of time on the water for all. I think I am still sore from the tubing (read beating).

Our sweet, curious Abigail was very interested in the fish that the cousins were pulling out of the lake, but she had even more fun catching the crickets in the bait bucket! She freaks out when she sees a bug on the window at home but had no problem plucking these guys out of their cage and letting them crawl all over her. Yes, grandparents, we washed her hands immediately after her fun.