Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We woke one Saturday morning in September to a beautiful day and decided we should enjoy it to its fullest. So, we started our morning at a local "cook your own pancakes" restaurant which the girls loved. They were able to pick their own toppings and ate till their bellies were full. We then headed to the "Dragon Park" where Sydney and Abigail played on the mosaic dragon and chased each other all over the jungle gym/play area. Brad and I had fun watching them make friends with other kids and when it was time to go, one of the little girls they had befriended told her mom that she needed to give Abigail her cell phone number! To pack even more activity into our already full morning, we bought a half loaf of bread and headed to another city park with geese. This was Sydney's and Abigail's first time to feed geese and they loved it! (We probably could have fed those birds 3 whole loaves if we'd had them.) After a leisurely walk around the pond, we headed home. What a perfect day to spend with our sweet girls!

Monday, October 20, 2008

After a two month blogging hiatus, we've accumulated lots of fun pictures and stories to share! We'll start with this weekend's festivities - the Music & Molasses Festival at a local park. Although we did not get a picture, the overwhelming favorite activity of Sydney and Abigail was the horse-drawn, covered wagon ride. Coming in at a close second was the very diverse petting zoo that included ducks, a goose, rabbits, a hog, a sheep, a chicken, goats, and a donkey, The girls liked the "Farmer For A Day" area with shucking corn, washing clothes on a washboard, gathering eggs, and milking a goat! That's right, milking a real, live goat - Sydney was happy to just watch, but Abigail jumped right in and received the popular "I milked a goat" sticker.