Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy girls on a Sunday morning love to pose. We packed a bunch in on Saturday, so I was surprised that the girls were ready to wake up so early. Actually, over the past few weeks Rebekah and I have been awakened by our bedroom door opening, a tap on the shoulder, or a pacifier-to-lips kiss (Sydney kept her paci in and attempted to kiss me awake). 5:45 every morning is wearing me out...they used to wake up, we'd change their diapers, and they'd go back to sleep. Not that way any longer - and if we bring them in our bed, they kick each other or play. So back to my original story - Saturday. We met A.M. at the park for some belated 2 year old pictures - the girls ran around and would not sit still, so I hope a few good shots were captured. They were cute and had a good time - we'll let you know how it went. Saturday night we celebrated Jack's first birthday with the family - whoa, is he growing up too fast? He is such a good kid and is so very loved by all.

We've noticed a few phrases over the past few weeks that are cracking us up - of course they will not be as cute, funny, or annoying (respectively) unless you've heard them yourself, but you can imagine:

"Daddy, shirt on" - I don't know why but they like me to put my shirt on after I get up in the morning. Do we have modest girls, or what?

"Come on, baby" - And "baby" behind any other saying is common as well. "Hi, baby", "What's that, baby" "Good morning, baby" This is most likely a repetitive word that we have used as a easy nickname over the past 2 years. It is hilarious when they say it (mostly Sydney).

"That's mine" - The "mmiiiiiinnne" is really drawn out.

"What's that?" - Again, a repetitive phrase that we have used so the girls can tell us what they see when reading a book or observing a new situation.

"This way?" - Asking for directions when walking somewhere or as a "Can we go this way?" question

"I tired" - We hear this from Abigail the most. She expresses that she is tired when she wakes up, before naps and nighttime, or when she is winded from playing so much. So cute.

"Shake, shake" - The music set from the girls' birthday contains a tambourine, and while teaching them how to use it, we used this phrase. Now anytime the girls hear a tambourine in a song (mostly from the Nutcracker - yes, we listen to it year round because they love it) they identify the instrument and say this. Way smart girls and I'd like to think they are musically talented, too.

I cannot imagine when they learn the word "Why?" I don't think I am ready for that yet.