Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Don't worry if you can't tell the difference between Abigail and Sydney in these pictures--Rebekah and I have a hard time, sometimes, in person. Plus they are "incognito" with their babyshades on--"the future's so bright, [they've] gotta wear shades." From the top--S, A, A, A, S, S. Lindsey, the girls love to play with their Roll-a-Rounds in their high chairs. We usually will put them in their high chairs when we are eating--they will watch us eat and play around for about 15 minutes, usually, without getting too restless. They have both figured out how to "palm" the balls, and Abigail enjoys dropping/throwing the balls on the floor. And, Gigi, as you know, the girls love to play in the Exersaucer--we experienced Abigail "jump" when she got really excited about something the other day in the Exersaucer. Fun times on Alexis Drive...

Friday, January 20, 2006

We have come a long way, babies! Yes, Sydney and Abigail, the first 6 months of your lives have been a blur for your mama and me, but we have enjoyed it all. From our March 2005 discovery that our family was growing from two to four, to your early arrival in June, to the trip home from the hospital in those car seats that looked so big for your tiny bodies in July, to the present when we can smile and you smile back and so much in between--God has blessed our family beyond measure! We look forward to the adventures to come.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

My waterbabies, Abigail (top) and Sydney (bottom), love to take a bath!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Before kids, Friday nights usually consisted of date nights, hanging out with friends, or taking a trip to who knows where. Do I miss the Baja Burrito and a movie or reminiscing with friends over dinner or the excitement of a last-minute backpacking trip? Nope. Not a bit, because I have something (some things) now that means more to me than anything! Abigail is enjoying a book, Sydney is enjoying her foot, and Rebekah and I are enjoying our family more than ever!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rebekah's sister, Miranda, was in town for a few days this past week--spending some time with the twins and her big sister before her last semester of college. The four girls had a good time together, and Rebekah was appreciative of the extra set of hands. The top picture is an everyday sighting--both Sydney and Abigail like to look at us as we feed them (Sydney does more so, at this point, and Abigail usually likes to look around). The girls were enjoying a new point of view of their daddy in the last picture. After not seeing me all day, we are able to have a few minutes of 'play time' before dinner is ready. Yes, Rebekah usually fixes dinner and rarely gets time off from being a mom and wife--although I was on bath duty tonight.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Bathtime! Both Sydney (with dad) and Abigail (with mama) enjoy bathtime, and they each kick enough water out of the sink-tub to cover the counters and the floor. We have seen more evidence of their 'growing up' and their individual personalities tonight--I was clearing my throat and Abigail showed a scared look on her face--I did it again and, sure enough, she seemed frightened--a first. Later, Rebekah was in the nursery as the girls were falling asleep, Sydney had her eyes covered with her hands, and she hadn't recognized that Rebekah was in the room. When Sydney opened her eyes, she let out a gasp as if she was surprised--another first! It is always fun to come home after many hours at work and see our daughters...they are truly a blessing.

I'm excited to share the news of my church family, Otter Creek Church of Christ, for anyone who is interested...After many years of building committees, city planning meetings, capital campaigns, and prayers from the Otter Creek leadership and church body, God has opened a door, and we have accepted the opportunity to move into a new space that will accommodate our growing family. The above pictures are of our new home on Franklin Road in Brentwood, which consists of about 15 acres and 80,000 square feet of room to grow. It has all happened very quickly, and we will be in the moving process over the next few weeks. We should be moved in and be inhabiting and worshipping in our new home by the first of March. Our new situation will give more opportunity to grow in service to our community and will bless our body of believers in so many ways. The extra shoulder room will aleve the suffocation felt at our current location and will give plenty of room for all the babies on the way. Please come and enjoy our new home with us.

Oh and, yes, I'll try to update this week on the life and times of Sydney and Abigail...